Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Tonight, we will be going to check out a black refrigerator. I really want to get one in the kitchen. I can't stand that little white refrigerator in there. We still have a white stove we need to sell!
Today, I tried to do Jaden's schooling in the morning and it seemed to work out better. He has such a hard time paying attention. Mornings might just be a better time for him. This morning he learned about the short vowel E. He even read a couple of words. It was amazing!
Cassidy is saying so much more. She even says Shaggy and Scooby! Her favorite thing is to repeat everything you do. Especially sighs and yawns. Last night, she played Simon says with us. That was great! She is becoming a little toddler!
My weightloss has not been going so well. I gained over the holidays and now I am having hard time getting back on track. My treadmill is finally all set up and I have started running on there again. I have started doing some exercises with Jaden everyday also.