Thursday, June 5, 2008

Doctor, Dentist, and Bowling

Yesterday morning, I was dreading the day. We had so many things to do. We headed to Terre Haute for dentist appointments, a doctor appointment, and bowling with my parents. Seriously, I wish God would make it clear why he moved us here! Anyway, we made it through the day. The kids have perfect teeth (yay), Cassidy is healthy but still short, and bowling LOL! All of our scores were very low. It has been a long time! Jaden was so excited to go. Afterward, we went to Steak N Shake. I am feeling the after effects of that today. I am feeling bloated, like I could go all day without eating. I only have a month left to lose some weight before July 4th. Nothing should stop me now! Really!

It is already 75 degrees today. They are expecting low 90's. So, we probably won't be outside much today. Jaden does have softball this afternoon. We have a cookout to go to on Saturday, but it is going to be HOT! Hopefully, we can stay cool.
Have a great Thursday!