Friday, June 13, 2008

No softball yesterday

We let Jaden decide if he wantd to go to softball yesterday. I really didn't want to make him do it if he didn't want to. The reason he is there is to have fun, but he isn't. So, he told me he didn't want to go. We might try next week, but as for yesterday, he didn't want to. So, we planned some fun. First, I ordered some foods he would like. The kids had mini corndogs, fries, and mac n cheese bites. We also had cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza. (not very good for the diet) Afterward, I had made a big sugar cookie and the kids got to decorate it!

They had a lot of fun doing that.
Last night, I found a playhouse for the kids on Craigslist! So, Jeff set it up and they got to play in it after the cookie!

Cassidy really loves it! She didn't want to come out. It is very cute and I am sure Cassidy will use it a lot!
It is 8am, and both kids are awake. So begins my day.....
Have a good weekend.