Monday, June 2, 2008

The Weekend

First of all, here is a picture from Jaden's first softball game on Thursday.

He still needs a lot of practice. It is not that he can't hit the ball or catch it, he just doesn't get the rules of the game yet. I am sure it will come with time. The coaches just haven't done a very good job of teaching the game. Jeff is going to be working with him on that.
I made lemon cupcakes on Saturday for our church picnic on Sunday.

We went to Whole Foods and stocked up on some organic foods. I have to say, the prices are not as bad as I thought they would be. The fruit and vegetables are very high, but we plan on using the Farm Fresh Delivery, so I shouldn't have to buy it at the store. I got some ground beef, ketchup, bread, butter, bananas, milk, marinara, canned veggies, and some snacks. It is a good start.
On Sunday, we had a busy day. We drove to Terre Haute for the Wee Village (church) picnic, visit grandma and papa, and go to church. The picnic was wonderful. Jaden saw some of his friends there. There was some great food and games. I am so glad we went.

Here is Jaden's favorite thing to do at Grandma and Papa's. They have so much fun there!

Overall, we had a good weekend. Today, I really need to clean the house and get caught up on laundry. I just don't feel motivated, so I don't know how much will actually get done. Have a great week everyone!