Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We have been dealing with some behavioral issues with Jaden again. It seems to come off and on. I am sure everyone goes through it. It is such a pain to deal with. He hasn't been behaving for over a week now. He is starting to talk back and thinks everything should be handed to him. Jeff was off today and got to experience what I have been dealing with the last few days. He is not happy about it either. So, we have to start cracking down. We let things go for awhile, maybe this is the reasoning behind it. He needs to have structure. So, we will be back to a strict bedtime ritual and scheduled daytime activities. Tuesday, he left his softball game early. Right in the middle of the game! He was throwing dirt on another kid and Jeff went over to tell him to stop. Jaden decided to run off from him instead of listening to him. So, we left. He has now told us he doesn't like softball and doesn't like to go there. I don't know if he is saying this because of what happened, or that he truly doesn't like it. I really can't blame him if he doesn't like it. There is so much standing around. Jaden is an active kid. Basketball and Soccer suit him much better.
Today, we had a little time in Carmel, but didn't really get to enjoy it. Jaden begged for an icee the entire time and misbehaved. UGH!
I hope everyone is having a great week. Hopefully, we will make it to the weekend without tantrums. I am praying!


Ry said...

My oldest was (and can still be) a very difficult child. She has gotten better over the years, but she must be busy, busy, and have complete structure! Hopefully your strict routine will show some improvement in him. ((hugs))