Sunday, June 22, 2008

I haven't been keeping up...

I am so sorry I haven't been blogging as much. I am trying to stay away from the computer a little more.

We had a great week and weekend. We decided that Jaden didn't need to play softball anymore, so he decided he was done. I signed him up for soccer again. It will begin in August. He is very excited! After all, he is a "Soccer Star"! I am also looking into gymnastics for both of the kids. I took the kids to the mall and let them pick out a few things. Jaden and I got our haircut, mine is now too short! Oh well, it will grow.
Today, we tried out another church in Indianapolis. It was nice, but we still do not think it is the right one. We will continue looking. We got so many things done today. I put mulch down out front and Jeff put up new blinds in the dining room. I planted a few plants yesterday and pulled some weeds. It is really starting to look nice. And for the big news of the day.................
We ate in our dining room for the first time tonight! I made lasagna and decided we need to start eating in there. It was so nice. Jeff and I kept telling each other how nice it was. We will be doing that more often. While we ate, a storm rolled in with hail. Jaden loved going outside and looking at it!
Here are a few pictures and a very cute video!
At the mall:

I was so excited to put this C on our door:
I was going to take the wreath off, until I noticed this:
Getting ready to eat in our dining room!:

Here is some of the mulching I got done (still more to do):

BTW, thanks Mom for the hostas! I love them!
Here is a sweet picture of the kids before church:
And a cute little video of Cassidy:


Ry said...

Such a cute house!

A nest! How neat!