Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Yesterday, I spent the morning organizing our kitchen pantry. It is small, but I am trying to get more organized and throw out things I never use. So, here it is so far. I still want to get a few baskets in there. Not exciting, but atleast it is organized!

Afterward, I organized all of the rest of my cabinets. I still need to work on the refrigerator. I was hoping I would have a new one by now, but that will have to wait. I am sure we will eventually get one.
Today, I cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed. I am waiting to hear if we will have softball tonight. There have been some thunderstorms going through, so I am not sure about tonight. They should call by 4 to let us know.
Tomorrow, we have another big day. We will be heading to Terre Haute for doctor and dentist appts for BOTH kids! That should be interesting. We are going to end the day with some bowling with my mom and dad. That should be a good time. I just pray to get through the day tomorrow with no meltdowns. I really don't think Cassidy is going to handle going to the dentist very well. We shall see.....
Last night, we had our Whole Foods organic ground beef. I have to say, I loved it! It tasted great and I loved the texture. I will be buying more meat from there next week.