Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cleaning and Shopping

Well, the last post was about cleaning, and I thought I would make this one about cleaning also! Really, it never is finished. I got so much done already, but I am wanting to get everything clean before I bring in the Christmas decorations. So far, the family room is clean:

The living room (not much there to clean!):

The entryway and dining room are clean:
The kitchen and the downstairs bathroom are clean:

I started working on the upstairs yesterday. I have some of the office cleaned. I will post an update on that later!

I plan on doing a little shopping today. I might go to Hobby Lobby, Trader Joes, and Big Lots. We will see how things go. Jeff is home and doesn't always feel like doing that. We will be going over to a friend's house tonight for dinner and some scrapbooking. Tomorrow, we have a playdate with some good friends, and Friday is MOPS!