Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Making my home a haven

Here is what I will be accomplishing today:
1. put out the trash (normally my husband's job, but he forgot!)
2. empty the dishwasher
3. feed/dress the kids
4. clean and vacuum downstairs
5. make lunch for the kiddos
6. out away laundry
7. start one load of laundry
8. homeschool
9. supper- omelets, bacon, fruit

"Lord God, please show me the things in my home that are not pleasing to you. Please convict me of what I should do with them. Thank you, Father, Amen."


Unknown said...

Have a great cleaning day! :-)

Beth said...

Yummy dinner plans! "Dress the kids"...yes, I must do that (it is 11:30 after all, lol). Thanks for the reminder!
Have a great day!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Loved your prayer - hope you had a good day in your Haven!!