Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cleaning and Winter!

Wow, I cannot believe that Winter is almost here. Since we do not host any Thanksgiving get togethers, I will be changing out my decorations soon. I can't wait to put up the Christmas decorations in our new house! woohoo!
But, as for today, I have to get some things done. I have been slacking in the tidying of my house! So, today I have to play catch up. Also, that wonderful hubby of mine bought me an Elliptical for reaching my weightloss goal (well, I am only 1 pound away!!!!!!). So, I need to get on there and work out!

Now, I am off to do a whole lot of this:

Taking this down:

and this:

Oh, by the way, I am loving these new frames I picked up last week!:

and listening to a whole lot of this:

Have a great weekend! Next week we have a playdate, dinner with the neighbors, and MOPS!