Monday, February 5, 2007

Morning mess!!

So, I started this morning cleaning a huge mess. Jaden has diarrhea and he is not feeling well! I was motivated this morning to clean the house and scrapbook today! Well, not now. Jaden needed a bath and that got me all off schedule. Yes, I COULD start now, but I WAS motivated this morning. I am doing the laundry though. It is tough getting anything done with both of the kids awake!!
I have Cassidy's 9 month professional picture scheduled for Wednesday. I can't wait to get those done. I have the most gorgeous dress for her to wear. We will be sending pics to everyone. I hope they get some really good poses. They said they will also do some in just her diaper. Those will be cute.
Jeff has a new boss now. They did some rearranging of the districts and now Jeff's boss is in Dayton.That might bring Jeff over to Cincinnati once in awhile. We will see. We are a little nervous, just because it is a change. We are hoping he doesn't want all store managers to stay until 6 everyday. That would put Jeff home at 8 every night! He would have no time with the kids!!! We are still looking at other opportunities, but there aren't many jobs out there.
Hope everyone has a great (warm) week!!