Saturday, September 8, 2007

Birthdays and Garage Sales

Wow, September is filled with so many birthdays! We celebrated Pam's by going to the Grand Traverse Pie Company. That is a fabulous restaurant! Everyone should try it. They are like Panera Bread (but not better, hehehe)!

Grandma bought Jaden a BIG cookie!

Afterward, we went bowling! Jaden scored 2! LOL

We had a great time there!
This morning, I got the kids up and we headed to some garage sales. We didn't get much, just a couple of books and two small toys for Jaden. It was nice getting out and walking though.
Tonight, we are playing cards with some friends and tomorrow we are celebrating my mom's birthday! Please pray for Jaden, as he will be singing in front church tomorrow. And, the regular evening service has around 400-500 people! So, PLEASE, pray for him!


Being Mrs Miles said...

Hi - just chanced upon your blog thru CWO - and thought I would say 'hi'... looks like we share a love of the Lord, garage sales and scrapbooking, tho I do mostly digital. I was admiring your layouts! I do give digi-freebies out and your more than welcome to come by for a download! :)

will pray for your son, singing!

~Barb (Mrs. Miles)