Saturday, September 15, 2007

Finally, catching up.....

Wow, how long has it been? We have been so busy and I really don't know where to begin.
My mom had her birthday last weekend, we went to Edinburgh (Indiana), and Jeff has been on vacation since Wednesday. It has been a good week. I also got away from the kids one evening for a Girls Night Out! Catherine and I spent the evening at Starbucks. We had a great time, and some great coffee.

We went to the Oktoberfest on Thursday and today! There is some really good food there! Don't really care for the beer, but the food and atmosphere is nice. Jaden had a blast dancing with me! I really cherish those kind of moments.
As for tomorrow, we are going to Kings Island! I can't wait, and neither can Jaden. We are so excited. I will be sure to get tons of pictures!
*UPDATE on Jaden singing in church:
All went well! He went on stage with all of the other kids, but he was in the back and you can't see him in the video. So, I am not even going to post it. But, he did great, and thanks for all of the prayers! They worked! HEHEHE!!!! By the way, I love that boy!!!!!!