Monday, September 17, 2007

Kings Island

We had a great time at Kings Island yesterday! The kids had a blast! We weren't sure if Cassidy would like it yet, but she did! It was awesome to watch her experience all of the things there! No one got car sick (which is an incredible feat for us!).

Here are some pictures:
Let's Go:
Enjoying our Ice Cream!!! (this is my favorite ice cream!):
Cassidy loved Dora!:
Jaden's first ride by himself! (By the end of the day, he insisted on riding the rides by himself!)

Scooby's Haunted House:

Cassidy pretending to drink Coke!:
We tried to flush him down, but it didn't work! LOL:
We had a great time! Hope everyone enjoys the pictures. Today, we have some whiny kids, but it was worth it! They are so tired!
After yesterday, I have noticed I need to workout more. I am hoping to notice a change in my body soon. I am not at all happy with it right now! So, pray that I can get back on track and find time to work out more.
Have a great week everyone!


Teresa said...

So glad to see you had such a wonderful time! Adorable pictures, and I LOVE that ice cream too!!!