Monday, September 3, 2007

The long weekend is over!

We had a great weekend! Jaden's party is now over with, and I feel like I can relax now. Yesterday, we took him to Bogey's Family Fun Center! He loves to play mini golf there. Afterward, we took him to Baskin Robbins for the "ice cream with all the different colors". He really likes the ice cream there. We had a nice walk around the park yesterday. Jeff got a workout! Jaden had him running everywhere! Today, we took it easy. Jaden got to go shopping and spend some birthday money. He ended up with another Shaggy and Scooby figurine, Krypto the Superdog's Rocket, more of the Littlest Petshop Pets, and a flying disc. He was very excited!

This week, we have two more birthdays to celebrate! Also, Jaden will be singing if front of the church this Sunday! I can't wait for that. On September 16th, we will be heading to Kings Island! That will be fun. This year we will be taking both of the kids!
Here are a few more pictures from the weekend. Happy Labor Day!

Could this face be any worse!:


Teresa said...

hee hee that face!! And boy,Cassidy looks quite comfy! Sounds like you all had a great weekend!