Monday, September 24, 2007

The weekend...

We had a great weekend. The kids and I went to a birthday party on Saturday. I will post some pictures. Jaden had a great time and Cassidy loved the cake!

Sunday was a relax day. I got a few more winter clothes for the kids and Jaden got a new game. More to come on that later in the post! We didn't do much of anything. Jaden practiced riding his bike! He is getting better. I am struggling with staying on my diet, but I have done well. I have lost a pound since last week. We went to church last night. The last few times I have gone, I have had this feeling of "We go to the best church in our town!". I am thoroughly enjoying and thinking of becoming a member. I am not sure what is involved in that. After church, Jaden had a picture of a cave and he had drawn a little man inside. I asked, "Who is the little man?". Jaden responded, "David!". I was very impressed! How cool is that! While riding in the car home, Jaden asked Jeff, "Are you ready to put ants in Spongebob's pants?". I was cracking up! You see, Jaden got a new game today. It is a Spongebob version of Ants in the pants! LOL
The kids seem to both have colds today. Also, I can't find my keys. It is not a good day!!!!!
I have been feeling burnt out lately, and I need a little motivation!