Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Making your home a haven: cared for

Well, I didn't get all of yesterday's list finished. So, I guess I will be putting away laundry today. I am thankful that the kids were well behaved yesterday and things went smoothly. Today is Jeff's day off, so we will not be home all day. I am hoping to go to an antique mall in the next town over! That will be fun. Maybe I will find something for my haven! ;)

Here are today's plans:
1. Empty dishwasher and start refilling
2. tidy up downstairs
3. put away laundry in bedroom
4. put away summer clothes
5. start on Christmas Cards and homemade gifts
6. homeschool Jaden
7. Go to Antique Mall!

Good Luck today everyone! I still haven't planned out our meal. I am thinking something like this:
Taco Ring Posted by Mary Ellen1/2 lb. cooked ground beef1 pkg taco seasoning1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese2 Tbs water2 8oz pkg crescent roll dough1 med green pepper1/2 head lettuce, shredded1 med tomato, diced1 small onion, diced1/2 cup sliced black olives1 cup salsaSour cream Heat oven to 375° F.
Combine meat, taco mix, cheese, and water. Arrange crescent triangles in a circle with bases overlapping and points out on the 13" stone, leaving a 5" circle in center. Spoon meat on triangle bases. Fold points over meat and tuck under.
Bake 20-25 min until brown.
Cut off the top of the pepper. Fill pepper with salsa and place in center of ring.
Mound lettuce, tomato, onions, and olives around pepper. Garnish with sour cream.


Amanda Pittman said...

mmm! That sounds yummy! Can I come to YOUR house for dinner?

Are you making your cards, or just getting started on note writing? I haven't even thought of that yet!