Saturday, February 3, 2007

Cassidy is 9 Months Old Today!

Wow, Cassidy is now 9 months old! I will be heading over to my Mom and Dad's soon to take her picture. I will post them on here tonight. What a cutie she is! I now only have 3 months to plan her birthday party! I can't wait!! Jaden had basketball this morning. We were very excited to see Uncle Rick there! Jaden was excited too. Grandma and Papa also came again. It was a nice surprise! I think Jaden plays better when people are there watching him. He only has one more basketball game left. That will be sad! But, he should start soccer soon. He did great! He made a basket!!! He even handed out Valentines to all of his teammates! Very cute. Jeff didn't want him to do it, but come on, he is a 3 year old!!!! Let him have fun!

Jaden has been testing my patience a lot lately. Yesterday, he ran around Kroger like a monkey! Speaking of monkeys....

Isn't that the cutest monkey you have ever seen?
I will post again tonight with Cassidy's 9 month pictures!