Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Clay Terrace!

I had such a great day today! We decided to go to Clay Terrace in Carmel. I loved it there. I found some awesome deals. Old Navy was having a huge clearance sale, and I got three sweaters for $2.97 each! What a steal! Jeff found some shoes at The Finish Line. Jaden got a new book and sunglasses and Cassidy got some shoes (green and pink flip flops!). We had a great time. I will be excited to go back.
I have been feeling very burnt out lately, and I think the day away really helped. Now, we will just relax for the rest of the day before everything is back to normal tomorrow.
Jeff let me know today that I need to make red, white, and blue cupcakes this weekend for memorial day! I guess he is going to take some to work.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm not going to take them ALL to work! --JEFF