Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A few good days...

The past two days have been good. Yesterday, Jaden got to play some play dough outside. He loves that stuff. And now, he has a new game with it. He started making little cakes and had me judge them. (Just like the food network cake challenges!) It was all very cute!

Today, Jeff set the trampoline up! Jaden loves to jump on it, and Cassidy probably didn't remember that we had one! She loved it also!

I painted my toenails this morning and Cassidy showed me her foot and said, "foot?". So, I couldn't resist, and I painted her toes also. She loved it!

Cassidy is now sitting at the big table with us! She was sitting on the kitchen floor in her little seat, but she is a little more careful now.

So, a lot has been going on. We are looking forward to my friend Kim and her kids coming on Thursday! Jaden is really looking forward to it. He really misses them!