Monday, May 19, 2008

Mass Ave

Today, I took the kids to Mass Ave. Jaden seemed to like it, but there really wasn't much there. I must not have walked down far enough. We did go to a very cool chocolate shop and had handmade gelato. YUM! The kids enjoyed that. They had lots of things made out of tires along the sidewalk.

Afterward, we came home because Jaden had to pee and it looked like it could rain.
I feel like I am suffering from mommy burnout. I am just really tired and longing for a break.
Have a great week!
By the way, this brought a smile to our faces yesterday:


Ry said...

I know that feeling! Maybe Friday will help! I think it will be fun!

Anonymous said...

Was the chocolate shop called "Best Chocolate in Town"? I love their truffles!!!! Have you ever eaten at Bazbeaux's pizza there??? YUM