Thursday, May 31, 2007

Columbus, Here we come!

I finally decided I had to go to the upcoming Clay concert in Columbus, OH on July 21st! I am super excited! We are going to be sitting with a group of 25 in a reserved section. I just can't wait. He will also be performing a Christmas Concert this holiday season, but I am still unsure of the venues. If you haven't been to a Clay Aiken concert, you should definitely go. It is so much fun and he has an amazing voice!

Jeff has his interview tomorrow. Please keep him in your prayers!
Here is a funny picture for ya! (Gimme a Kiss!)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Long Weekend

We had a great, long weekend. Jeff had Saturday-Tuesday off! That was nice. Saturday, we made it to Cincinnati. That was fun! Although, the kids didn't sleep the entire car ride there and back! But, it was nice. Jeff is going to have to make it back there soon to spend some time with his nephew before he leaves for the Marines.
We had a great time on Monday also. We celebrated my Dad's birthday. I made a yummy cake! We also got him a cool marshmallow tree for roasting marshmallows over the fire. He is building a new fire pit, so I thought it would be cool to get him some things he could use! Jaden learned how to jump rope that day also!

Now, for some REALLY good news! Jeff got a call from the company I had told you about a few posts earlier! It is in Terre Haute and they might need a Store Manager! Well, turns out, they called him yesterday and he has an interview this Friday! We know Jeff is qualified, we are just praying that they pay enough! Please pray for us and hope that this is a step in the right direction. As of now, Jeff is paying at least $20 a day in gas! We cannot afford that much longer! This position would put Jeff only minutes away from our home.
Here is what Jaden is playing with today:

Monday, May 28, 2007

"Your silent tents of green We deck with fragrant flowers;
Yours has the suffering been, The memory shall be ours."
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bad news and Good news

So, what should I start with the bad news or the good news. I will start off with the bad! This morning while mixing my royal icing for class tonight, my Kitchenaid mixer broke! Yep, that's right, it broke!!!!!! The motor is still running but it doesn't turn the paddle. Let me just say, I love my Kitchenaid mixer. I think that it is the best gift I have ever received, and now it is broke. I was so excited when I got it, and am always excited when I get to use it! I hope Jeff can fix it or it can be fixed!!! I don't even know if they make it in the color I have anymore! I will have to check. Anyway, that is the bad news. Also, some more bad news is that my poison ivy has spread to my waistline. I won't even mention how horrible it is to have my pants rub it all day!!!!!! Aggggghhh!
The good news......
Jeff's car is fixed. Starting tomorrow, I will have my car back. I can't wait. We have been stuck in the house since last week! I really can't wait to get out of the house again.
This weekend will be a busy weekend. Jeff has Saturday through Tuesday off. That will be nice. We will be going to Ohio (actually Kentucky, but it is on the border) for a graduation party. My dad's birthday is today (by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and we will be spending memorial day with him. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend, and I am sure I will get some cute pictures to post!
By the way, I love this website:
I think I want EVERYTHING from there!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bad Moods

So, I woke up feeling great today. The poison ivy doesn't itch anymore (thank you Jeff for buying that lotion!!!), I woke before Jaden and got some dishes done and his room cleaned up, and Cassidy slept in awhile. But, it started to go downhill when Cassidy woke up. Jaden was crying because I couldn't play the computer with him anymore, he whined for something to drink while I was trying to feed Cassidy, the house is a mess, I can't keep up on laundry, etc etc.....

It just starts feeling overwhelming! But, now I am trying to calm down while Cassidy takes her morning nap. I was happy that I got a scrapbook page done (----->) and I am trying to stick to my diet. I also got some flowers made for my cake class. They are not the best, but I was happy that I got them finished!
So, hopefully, I will get out of the bad mood and have some fun with the kids today! Jeff has to drive my car to work again because his car is still not fixed. It really stinks being stuck at home. I probably wouldn't go anywhere anyway because of this poison ivy rash all over my face!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Poison Ivy.......STILL

Okay, the poison ivy can go away now. I have found it on my fingers and my arm also. As if it wasn't bad enough on half of my face and ear!!!! I also found a little spot on Cassidy's leg. Please pray that this goes away soon and we won't have to be seeing the doctor! We are planning on making a trip to Ohio this weekend and my dad's birthday party is Sunday. I really hope this goes away before then.
Today, Jeff and Jaden are getting the groceries since I really don't feel like putting on makeup and going out! I hope he gets what I need. We also took Jaden to another playground and Jeff is taking him to the library. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Lonnnnnggggg Day!

Jeff ended up working all day (again), so it was a long day for me! Cassidy has been wanting so much attention and Jaden has been trying to find new ways to make me angry. But, I guess that is how all kids are. But, Jaden has also been very sweet lately. He has been hugging and kissing for no reason, just to tell me he loves me! That is always nice!!!
Not much is really going on but I found this fun:

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Midland. The Midland (please don't confuse with "Midwest") itself is the neutral zone between the North and South. But just because you have a Midland accent doesn't mean you're from there. Since it is considered a neutral, default, "non-regional" accent you could easily be from someplace without its own accent, like Florida, or a big city in the South like Dallas, Houston, or Atlanta.

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We're going to start with "cot" and "caught." When you say those words do they sound the same or different?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Allergies, Brown County, and Poison Ivy.....Oh My!

Ok, so a couple of days ago my allergies were getting really bad! I had it all, the sneezing, watery eyes, itchy eyes, and runny nose. I was constantly scratching my eyes until I finally got some meds. Unfortunately, I must have gotten into some poison ivy while I had my allergies. Last night, I started itching really bad around my right eye and it started getting red. Now, it is on half of my face! I covered it up pretty well, so we went to Brown County today. We really wanted to get out of the house and have some fun with the kids. It drove me crazy all day! I put some calamine on it tonight and I really hope I don't spread it anymore. When I was a kid, we realized I am VERY allergic to it, so I am very nervous. I even had it IN my eye when I was younger!!!!!

Here is a pretty picture! (After I was finished, I came out of the bathroom singing, "The Phaaaantom on the opera is herrrrreeee!". HAHAHA)
Here are some better pics from Brown County!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just another day...

Not really much going on the past couple of days. Jeff is still driving his rental car. He got a Dodge Caliber. That was pretty cool that he got that because we had been looking at those! Kind of a cool way to test out a car! It is nice, but not very much room in the trunk!!!! Jeff had a meeting yesterday, so he was gone all day and I had to take the kids with me to my Stampin Up workshop. Luckily, that worked out pretty well! Jaden was good, and Cassidy just sat and watched us.
Today, the plan is to go to the library and maybe walk around the mall. I really don't feel like staying in the house. Although, I do need to mop the bathroom floor and finish cleaning it. I also need to clean out our living room closet!!!!
Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I just want to wish all of the mother's who read this blog a Happy Mother's Day! My mom is out of town on vacation, but she is (hopefully) having a great time on this day! By the way Dad, you better have taken her out somewhere nice to eat!

I have had a great Mother's Day so far! Jeff went to Java Haute and got me a danish and some very yummy espresso! That started the day off great, although I could have done better with no calories! While he was gone, Jaden said he wanted to show me something! He led me outside and said "Happy Mother's Day!". There, on the deck, was a canopy swing! I decided a couple of weeks ago, I would love to have one! It is so relaxing! I hope everyone else is having a great day! Cassidy was napping while we shot this, so maybe I will get one with her in it later!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

This is hilarious!

Clay Aiken was on Kimmel again last night. It is a hoot!

It's always something!

Isn't that how it goes! Just when you think everything is going great something always happens. Jeff was on his way home Thursday, when his car decided it didn't want to drive forward anymore! He could go in reverse, but not forward! Come to find out the transmission is bad! So, I have no car today and Jeff has to rent a car until it is fixed. I really hope we can come up with the money to fix it. It makes me think I shouldn't have spent so much on Cassidy's birthday!
Onto better things....
Jaden said the cutest thing this morning. Cassidy was drinking her milk and letting it go down her chin. Jaden said she looked like "Christmas Claus"! How cute. He even got a wipe out of her room to wipe her chin off. He is such a good big brother.
Hopefully, we will still be able to get Cassidy's One year pictures done this month. As soon as we do, I will try to post them on here.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cassidy's First Steps!

Cassidy took her first steps yesterday! She can take 6-7 steps! She seems so brave. It won't be long until she is walking all of the time! Watch the video:

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Fun in the Sun!

Today we decided to relax, well sort of. We stayed home, but we played outside with Jaden! He got a very cool water tower from his Uncle Bill and Aunt Kathy yesterday. He had a blast with it today!

Ok, we ALL had fun with it, hehehe!

A Perfect Day!

Cassidy's party was great! We had such a great day! There are so many things to talk about but, I will just try to post some pictures to sum it all up!

The gifts were amazing! She got some really cute outfits, a doll stroller, Little People, Growth Chart, Ride on Zebra, dollhouse, plush tea set, plush gardening set, book with cd, baby bottles and blanket, and some zoo animals. And, of course, her bitty baby doll! We had such a great day!

This picture is from today. I just had to post it. It is her favorite thing to do today! She loves her new doll stroller. She also has one of her new dresses on! So cute!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Cassidy is ONE!

Cassidy turned one today. It is hard to believe. It is actually very sad, because I really enjoy baby Cassidy. I will definitely miss her. But, now I get to look forward to toddler Cassidy! I can't wait to see what that brings!

We took the kids to the zoo today, but first, Jaden wanted Cassidy to open the present from him.
He got her a Baby Einstein video and some peek a blocks that are balls (can't think what they actually call them!).
She also looked at the card we got her. So many new things happened for her today.
1. She had milk for the first time! (I don't think she likes it cold!)

2. Sat in a bigger carseat, facing forward!

3. Rode on a horse!

4. Rode on a carousel! (She LOVED it!)

5. Ate ice cream!
Jaden also had a good day today!!

We had a great day! Can't wait to see some of you at the party Saturday!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My baby girl is GIRLY!!

I am so excited! For the past couple of weeks Cassidy has been sleeping with a baby doll. Now, she won't even go to sleep without it and today she kept pointing and asking for it!! I am happy that my little girl likes dolls! Here is a picture to prove it!

We took Cassidy's One Year picture today since we are going to be so busy tomorrow. She really doesn't like to sit still, so this one was hard to get!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Off to a good start

Well, I have more cakes done! Now, I only need to make the two cakes for the top tier and some cupcakes. I have 4 cakes in the freezer!!! All of Cassidy's party decorations are in bags and organized. Her presents are wrapped. Her shoe bows are finished! I still have one hair bow to finish. Tomorrow, I need to finish baking the cakes and buy the rest of the things for the cake. I forgot the dowel rods for the middle to keep it stable. I also need more fondant. Other than that, I think I have everything for the cake. Friday, I will buy all of the food and finish the cake that night!!!!

Now, for the zoo. I am really worried that it is going to rain on her birthday!! We are really looking forward to going, so I hope it doesn't rain us out.
Now, I need to finish cleaning the house. I really don't know if that is going to be possible! Cassidy always makes a mess when she sees me cleaning up. And Jaden, well he is his own tornado!!!!! Here is one reason I can't clean the house (Jaden loves to take all of the cushions off the couch and play on them!) :