Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bad Moods

So, I woke up feeling great today. The poison ivy doesn't itch anymore (thank you Jeff for buying that lotion!!!), I woke before Jaden and got some dishes done and his room cleaned up, and Cassidy slept in awhile. But, it started to go downhill when Cassidy woke up. Jaden was crying because I couldn't play the computer with him anymore, he whined for something to drink while I was trying to feed Cassidy, the house is a mess, I can't keep up on laundry, etc etc.....

It just starts feeling overwhelming! But, now I am trying to calm down while Cassidy takes her morning nap. I was happy that I got a scrapbook page done (----->) and I am trying to stick to my diet. I also got some flowers made for my cake class. They are not the best, but I was happy that I got them finished!
So, hopefully, I will get out of the bad mood and have some fun with the kids today! Jeff has to drive my car to work again because his car is still not fixed. It really stinks being stuck at home. I probably wouldn't go anywhere anyway because of this poison ivy rash all over my face!!!