Saturday, September 6, 2008


Jaden started soccer today. We have been looking forward to this since we moved to Indy! Of course, Jaden started off the day saying he didn't want to go play soccer. And, for the first half, he sat on the bench. After he talked with Jeff, he decided to go out (for fear he would sit in his room the rest of the day, lol). He had a great time once he got out there. The coach seemed awesome and there were so many kids! Everything is well organized and Jaden got a cool jersey to wear.

The new jersey:

Cassidy wanted to play too:

Yesterday and today were major cupcake baking days. I had an order to make and my mom's birthday cupcakes. The order was for chocolate cupcakes and lemon cupcakes. My mom's are Spiced Pecan with a whipped caramel filling and a White Chocolate cream cheese icing.
Tomorrow we will be heading to Terre Haute. I am ready to start a new week. It seems like we have been so busy lately and the housecleaning keeps getting pushed back.
Have a good Sunday and don't forget to go to church!


Ry said...

He looks so cute!

Oh my! I might have to order those next time! MMMMM!