Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I won a giveaway! I am too excited! Over at Montrealaise en Californie, she was having a Fall giveaway for a $10 gift card to Starbucks! I can't wait to go and get a spiced pumpkin latte! YUM

This week, we will be busy finishing the kid's bathroom upstairs. Jeff is sanding today and I will be going to buy the paint and the primer for the floor. I can't wait until it is finished! We are hoping to get it done by Friday! (fingers crossed!)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a great weekend!

Oh, I have so much to talk about, but I won't bore anyone!

Jeff and I have planned this weekend for over a month now. I got tickets to see Big Daddy Weave, Rush of Fools, and Jason Gray in concert! We decided we would have my parents watch the kids while we stayed at a hotel. (by the way, mom, check the dictionary results at the bottom of this page;)
So, Saturday, we had soccer pictures, soccer practice, and a birthday party in the morning. Afterward, we left for Terre Haute. The kids were very calm, as they knew they would be spending the night at Grandma and Papa's! I think they even fell asleep on the way there. We dropped them off and headed to the hotel. We stayed at Hampton Inn and enjoyed some swimming. I really couldn't wait for this part, it has been forever since I went swimming! We went to Tumbleweed to eat and I had the most amazing chicken fajitas! YUM! We also had the best service.
The concert was great! It started with Jason Gray, who we were both impressed with. Afterward, we got his cd autographed.
Afterward, Rush of Fools sang. Wow, they have so much energy! I like all of their songs and plan on buying both of their cds soon!
And then, Big Daddy Weave. I know so many of their songs and couldn't wait to hear them live! They are so down to earth and true people of Christ. (not that the others weren't)
We both enjoyed it and can't wait to go to another concert. I really don't think we will go to another non-Christian concert again. It was absolutely amazing.
Here is a small clip of Jason Gray:

We went to a bookstore afterward and just browsed. Along with a hot pumpkin spice latte, mmmmm.

This morning, we woke and just drove around town. We went to see Fireproof! It was AWESOME! I think every couple in the world should see this movie! Kirk Cameron did an awesome job.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend! Tomorrow, I plan on doing some major cabinet organization in the kitchen.

Also, I started CVSing today!!!! Most of you know what I am talking about. I still can't believe the savings I got today! Wow, I have over $17 in extra care bucks now! I was so thrilled to see that LONG receipt print out!

For my mom!:

Motel: An establishment that provides lodging for motorists in rooms usually having direct access to an open parking area.

Hotel:a usually large house or building where travellers, holidaymakers etc may receive food, lodging etc in return for payment

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today is a good day!

As most of you know, I have been losing weight for over 2 years now. It came off fast at first, but this passed year has proven to be the hardest. I have hovered around the same weight. I decided a few months ago that I was ready to get to my goal weight. Well, I am not quite there yet (only 8 pounds left), but I am so close! I have been eating healthier and running a lot! I feel better and have more energy than ever! It really has been a lifestyle change. I gave up fast food 2 years ago, quit eating junk all day, and have learned to love vegetables! It makes me happy to hear Jaden say "I want to eat something healthy for supper" or to watch Cassidy eat an omelet stuffed with vegetables! I am thrilled with the changes that have happened.
Jaden took this picture of me this morning and I barely recognize myself!

Yesterday, the kids and I went to the park with some friends. We had a great time! It is so nice to just talk and watch the kids play! Afterward, Jaden got his school picture taken. I can't wait to get them back!
This weekend is going to be a busy one! Saturday we have soccer pictures, soccer practice, a birthday party, and a concert! I am so excited about the concert! We are dropping the kids off at Grandma and Papa's and going out for the evening. We are going to stay the night in a hotel and hopefully go swimming in the morning! I can't wait! It is definitely much needed!
I hope everyone is having a great week!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lost respect

I have lost all respect today for someone I thought was honest, and a Godly man. Yes, I know, most of you thought Clay Aiken was gay, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He said he wasn't. He wrote a book about his love for God. When he impregnated James Foster I lost respect for him. Now, he has come out that he is gay. I am not at all mad about that. I am mad that he portrayed himself as someone he wasn't. This is very disappointing. I will no longer support a man who lied to become famous. If he would have been himself, who knows if I would have liked him. But the whole thing is disappointing.

Monday, September 22, 2008

So it begins....

We have started remodeling our upstairs bath. This is the kids bathroom. I found a great deal on a vanity, and now we have picked out some flooring. Yesterday, Jeff tore out the old vanity and ripped up the floor to find.....MOLD! UGH! I just knew it. It is around the toilet. So, it looks like the job will take a lot longer than we thought. The floor has to dry out and then Jeff has to clean the floor and maybe replace the wood. Then, we can start making it look pretty. We have a friend coming to spend the night October 3rd, and now I am afraid it is not going to be done by then! :(
Has anyone else dealt with this, and if so, how did you clean it all up?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Spending time out of the house

Lately, the kids have been arguing more than ever. They like to scream over each other and they fight over toys. I knew this would happen, but wow, is it tiring for me. At first, I thought we would stay home to avoid crowds during this time. But, that is just driving me nuts, so we have been going out!
Monday, I took the kids to the Greenwood Mall and we had a blast. Cassidy used the potty 3 times (I think she just likes to try out potties!), no one argued, I got to window shop! We had a good time. They also have a nice play area. We spent all day in Greenwood.

Tuesday, I decided to head North. That is why I love where we live now. Only 15 minutes each way and there are major shopping areas. We went to Castleton. I decided to make it a "thrifty" day. We stopped at the Dollar Tree and two different Goodwill's. The kids got vanilla Frosties and then, we headed to Aldi's. It was a fun day. Although, the kids did whine a bit.
Today, the kids got to play at the local gymnastics facility. They love it there. We met some other kids and I stood around talking to another mom for awhile. On our way home, they said they were tired! What???? Did I really hear them right? I can't believe it. So, now, Cassidy is napping and Jaden is laying on the couch. We just finished school and now it is ME time. I will probably use it to clean the house. :(

Monday, September 15, 2008


I seem to have a lot of "Overwhelmed" blog titles! I wonder what that means.

We have been so busy lately. We did have a great weekend though. We finally found a church in our area that we love! We really can't wait to go again. There are so many things for adults and children. I just can't wait to get involved!
Today, I am trying to get caught up on some cleaning, return some library books, and maybe spend a little time window shopping. We will see how the kids react to that.
I hope everyone has a great week!
I will leave you with a few pictures from the weekend.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Today's meme

I don't normally do this, but it looked like fun. I challenge everyone else to do this on their blog! ( I can't wait to read them!)
The challenge of this meme is that all the answers have to be just one word. Do you have any idea how hard that is for me?
where is your cell phone? counter
your significant other? Jeff
your hair? curly
your mother? funny
your father? funnier
your favorite thing? God
your dream last night? none
your favorite drink? coffee
your dream/goal? happy
the room you’re in? messy
your hobby? scrapbooking
your fear? loss
where do you want to be in 6 years? home
what you’re not? lazy
muffins? blueberry
one of your wish list items? wii
where you grew up? Vigo
last thing you did? cleaned
favorite gadget? laptop
your pets? maddy
your computer? fun
your mood? overwhelmed
missing someone? no
your car? old
favorite store? Pottery
like someone? yes
your favorite color? pink
last time you laughed? yesterday
last time you cried? awhile

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cupcakes, soccer, grocery shopping

Yep, those are just a few of the things going on right now. I made an order of cupcakes today, went grocery shopping, and cleaned wet sheets, pants, and carseats today. Yes, wet with pee. Ugh. Cassidy must have had too much to drink today. She peed all day! I will have to watch her a little more closely. She is no longer wearing diapers and has stayed dry every night! We are very proud of her. Grocery shopping is becoming harder. Jaden is so hyper and running around. Cassidy screams at the top of her lungs! And, oh yes, Jaden eggs her on. UGH! I might have to do grocery shopping when Jeff can watch the kids from now on. I can't even concentrate on what I am getting when they are with me.

So, after today, my blood pressure is so high. I put the kids to bed early and told them tomorrow is a new day. No screaming, only indoor voices. Soccer pictures are canceled but his practice isn't. Our subdivision is having their community yard sales tomorrow. I am not participating because of soccer. I figure it will be raining anyway.
I hope everyone has a great weekend. Please stay safe, those in Texas. My prayers will be with those people tonight.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We will never forget

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord,
"He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust."Psalm 91:1-2

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Lipstick on a Pig"????

Are you kidding me? I can't believe those words came out of Obama's mouth. Is he trying to gain voters or lose them?
I hate to get political, but I just had to point that out. Wow! Let's attack on policies. No mud throwing please!!!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


We had a great time yesterday. It felt so good to go back to our regular church. I just wish we could find one in Indianapolis that makes us feel as comfortable. Sometimes, I think we are being too picky, but there are just some things that make us feel more comfortable. Some of the things we enjoy at our current church are:
1. Pastor Scot (I learn something every time I listen to Scot and I truly believe God is working through him in amazing ways!)
2. Worship time (We love the contemporary feel of worship and feel that we should be singing to the Lord and not just for fun.)
3. Communion (We have found several churches who use intinction, short communion time, no time for praying during communion)
4. Community (There are several ways to get involved)
5. Children's Ministry (Wow, we just love this part! Jaden learns something new everytime, there are outside activities, he has learned how to pray there, worship time)
We have prayed about finding a new church and we have also been to several. The last one we visited we felt somewhat comfortable. We could definitely go back, but I still didn't feel like it was where we should be. Will I feel this? I just thought I would walk in and know I belong.
We went to my parent's house for my mom's birthday and my sister in law's birthday. We had a great time. Here are the cupcakes I made for her:

My sister in law had gastric bypass surgery awhile back and cannot eat cake, so this is what my mom made her! LOL

I have a few good pictures of my mom, but she would kill me if I posted pictures! She does not like to get her picture taken. But, I was so happy to get one of her and Jaden laughing together!
I hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Jaden started soccer today. We have been looking forward to this since we moved to Indy! Of course, Jaden started off the day saying he didn't want to go play soccer. And, for the first half, he sat on the bench. After he talked with Jeff, he decided to go out (for fear he would sit in his room the rest of the day, lol). He had a great time once he got out there. The coach seemed awesome and there were so many kids! Everything is well organized and Jaden got a cool jersey to wear.

The new jersey:

Cassidy wanted to play too:

Yesterday and today were major cupcake baking days. I had an order to make and my mom's birthday cupcakes. The order was for chocolate cupcakes and lemon cupcakes. My mom's are Spiced Pecan with a whipped caramel filling and a White Chocolate cream cheese icing.
Tomorrow we will be heading to Terre Haute. I am ready to start a new week. It seems like we have been so busy lately and the housecleaning keeps getting pushed back.
Have a good Sunday and don't forget to go to church!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Officially Potty Trained.

I can't believe it! Cassidy has stayed dry for several days now! She is in panties all day and during naptime. (I am sure she will wake up wet now that I have mentioned it!). I even went to the store and she stayed dry in her panties! What a happy day! I am almost done with diapers! Yay! What a good feeling.
I have several cupcakes to make for this weekend and Jaden starts Soccer on Saturday. We are very excited about that. We are heading to Terre Haute Sunday to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday and my mom's birthday. We will be going to church after that.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Wow, I am getting sucked into politics this year. It makes me sick to my stomach when I see some of the things that are being said on both sides! Let's hear the policies and not the attacks.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jaden's 5th Birthday!

Wow, Jaden is FIVE!!! The time has flown by! He had a wonderful birthday yesterday. After church Sunday, we went to Walmart and Jaden got the new Laurie Berkner Band Cd. Both of the kids love it! We listened to the cd on the way to Kings Island yesterday and on the way home. I think we have all of the words memorized now!
Yesterday, we left the house for Kings Island at 8:30. The kids got some donuts from Meijer and we headed out.

They handled the ride well. It really didn't seem like a two hour drive! Amazing! Jaden was so excited when we got there, but first I had to wipe the donut mess off of him!
We had to pick up our tickets at the Will Call desk and Jaden proceeded to tell everyone we can in contact with it was his birthday! Even Scooby Doo, which gave him a huge hug!
Cassidy couldn't get enough hugs, and held Spongebob's hand for awhile!

She was so excited about seeing her favorite characters. Jaden will not get close to them, but Cassidy couldn't get enough!
Then, we had my favorite, ICE CREAM!
We rode some rides:
This one was by far the kids' favorite:

Jaden's least favorite (he doesn't like roller coasters!):
Uh, yeah, he didn't like this one either!

They had fun in the water, played some games, and rode on a train.

And, after it all we went to Pizza Tower and had some pizza. The kids got some pizza dough to play with and even some ice cream afterward. They were tired. But, they stayed awake almost the whole way home! And, to top it all off, Cassidy stayed dry in her underwear and used the potty twice all day! That called for a nice surprise. We stopped at Toys R us and got them a special toy for being so good. Jaden picked up a few more Ben 10 figurines and Cassidy got an Ariel Barbie.

What a day! Being home feels so good.